In Helping Others

‘I just watched someone being assaulted and I feel invested in it’

Such words are not mine, it was from a brave guy in the train who helped teenagers who were being spat on by a stranger who keeps on saying that these kids are talking bad things about him (which I assume is not true because these kids looks clueless when things happened).

These words are powerful to stop people like me, and made think:
1) I am too chicken to help people who’s being oppressed and assaulted in public
2) I certainly have no english vocabulary to defend myself or other people once I was being attacked back If I decided to help these people.

Anyone else has the same problem when you feel like you want/need to help others??

// Irene


The Old Lady who Ride a Harley and Owning Your Life

I was waiting for my turn to cross the small road in CBD Melbourne when I heard a loud noice of a Harley Davidson motorcycle approaching. when I look around to see if it is safe to cross, I saw the person who ride it gave me way to cross. And then I noticed that the person who ride the Harley is an old lady. She is one of the coolest lady I have ever seen in my life!

People says that when you get older you care less about other people's opinion and you are more courageous to follow your own instinct and standards. It surely is for this lady that I saw today. She is 'mature', a lady, and she rides a Harley. (Jesus!) I hope that we all can learn from this, and not to wait too long to start owning our life. We can be a cool young generation that the oldies will respect (and envy).

But how can we do it?

  1. Don't be scared to be yourself: I used to be so scared of being myself, mainly because I constantly need approvals from other people that I am doing the right thing. Living life that way is very tiring. I still am scared to make decision for myself, but I learnt to slowly letting go of this unreasonable fear and so should you.
  2. Start with getting wiser: find your own voice but at the same time allow yourself to listen to other people's opinion. Here being listening to people who have walked the path you are about to take. Opinions from people other than the the people I mentioned before might not be relevant to your decision making (They haven't been there done that). There is nothing wrong with being open to advices, and starts weighing what matters more to you and if the risks from our decisions is worth it. Owning our life starts from knowing and being prepared of whats to come.
  3. Find support group: find a good support group that brings positivity and constant courage. Ideally you can grow together and support each other in achieving goals in life. I found mine in family and cell group.
  4. Start doing and create a new daily habit: Research suggests that it takes 21 days to build a new habit, so we have to cautiously do new things that will get us closer to our goals for this period of time to make new habits. I am trying to exercise regularly to build healthy habits. I will come back with more blogs and update regarding this about to be new habits 😌
  5. Small rewards for small milestone. Changes, even when it is small, it will encourage us to go further. Choose small goals that lwada to bigger goals. It is less overwhelming to own our life this way.

LETS DO THIS! What will you be if you are not who you are now? and why not start today to become who you wanted to be. Don't wait any longer!

// Irene

Crafted In The Perfect Image of God


I have been watching many pottery videos lately. I find it soothing to see each rotation and pressure creates an object that is perfectly balanced in width, thickness and height. And I am always so amazed of how beautiful the end result be, not one of them will ever be the same as they were created each individually by the potter’s hands. There were no mold used, only steady pressures from the potter’s fingers and hands, balancing the whole clay as it is expanded and stretched to it’s maximum and most beautiful forms. Just like us, human, in order for us to be shaped in God’s perfect image, we are held in balance, our faith is stretched through what we feels as problems and things that is not going right according to our plan. But our vision is so small, we could not see what shape our creature want us  to be. And I really like the idea of God holding us in His balance (not ours), and that he will only put enough pressure that we could handle. God is our potter and he created us with such gracious and precise tensions.

There is however one thing that I do not particularly like when I was watching the pottery video. It is the part when even after being stretched and dried, what I believe was already beautiful shape is not yet perfect in the eyes of the potter. He then started to use tools to scrape off the surface of his works. As a person who does not like to waste resources, I really do not like this process. It is a waste of clay and besides the vase or pots are already beautiful the way it is. That was my thought before the potters started the smoothing process ( I am not sure if ‘smoothing’ is the correct term, but you get what I mean). But with time, observing the many clays that was slowly being scraped off, I could see a smooth surface that made the end result a perfect creation.

Looking  at it as my reflection topic of the week, just like me who are already happy with who I am, whatever surface or traits that I have, It seems that God works on me everyday to get rid of the imperfect surface that I have. It is uncomfortable, sometimes painful, because what I know as good and perfect is not in line with what God see as perfect. As the many traits that I believed was good enough was striped off me, the uncomfortable and pain will soon be healed, and be replaced with understanding of what is a real perfect in the eyes of God.

I believe that God is such a great potter, who knows just how much we could take to be the perfect creation that He desires us to be. It all starts with surrender and believe that in God’s hands, everything will be well.

Yet you, Lord, are our Father.
We are the clay, you are the potter;
we are all the work of your hand.

-Isaiah 64:8


Till next time




What Would Your Dark Side Taste Like?

I love food, and I relate with it in my life in so many levels. Emotions, experience, people. That is what I remembered when I eat, or remember about certain food. I bump into an old post that I starred on recipe of a dark chocolate cupcakes. While I was reading through the recipe and the story, the word dark makes me question myself, What would my dark side taste like?

These are the words/falvour/texture that I have in mind:

Chocolate – Dark

Light whipped cream

Sour berry surprises

Earl Grey

Salted caramel


I am thinking to make cupcake or cake recipe that could capture all of the dark side taste of mine. Hmm.

What would your dark side taste like??







Blank Polaroids – The Case of Underexposure

blank polaroid.jpeg

For the past few months, I have been so hooked on posting picture on Instagram and also on stalking people with thousands of followers and likes on their photos. I even thought on making instagram as more than a hobby and making money from just posting photos (oh yea lady can dream). I started for a couple of days, and realised that I do not have that much photo to share at all.

Then it made me question about my life. What is it that I have that I can share to the world? Have I gone out trying new restaurants lately? Have I booked that flight that will bring me to the other side of the world where greens are greens, and where weather do not joke around with people’s outfit of the day? Have I gone out recently to just enjoy the cool breeze and the beautiful pavements? even an ordinary pavements if you keep on looking at it it will somehow look extraordinary and special and strange (try it!). Have I spent enough time with friends and family to have a genuine relationship? Have I exposed myself enough to the greatest and the most ordinary side and dimensions of the world?

Have you?

Maybe this is the reminder to myself, to go out there and to have better understanding of my own space and surroundings, to feel more, to start doing and to think less.

Let us go out more, read more, experience more. Extra photos are just the extra benefit.


How Much Have We Grown?

Every lunch time I will be sitting in the kitchen area of my office where I could see the outdoor area through the glass wall. And it has been a few times when I look out and realised that the same big tree has changed, from season to season, from leave-less to full-grown tree. Then it makes me think, how much has the tree grown this year?

How much have I grown compared to the past year?

It suddenly hit me that I have lived for more than 28 years. How big would I be if I were a tree? What kind of leaves would I have? what fruits would I bear? How strong would my root be? Would I grow on the right strong and reliable soil? Or would I make the soil below me stronger with my root?

The Journey to Perfection

Everybody wants to be perfect, but the one thing that makes us human is our imperfections. It says a lot about what life is about, it is our purpose in this life to:

1- Learn and keep on improving on ourselves to be the better version of ourselves each and everyday

2- Help each other to reach the best version of ourselves.

3- And maybe, we do not have to always focus on our shortcomings, but focusing on what we are good at and perfect it instead.

I would like to talk more about my third point. I believe it is always easier to spot our shortcomings than realising what our gifts and talents are.

“I am not bright enough”

“I am not slim enough”

“I am not good enough”

Just like the fish who were taught that s/he is stupid for not being able to climb a tree, it is very easy to then sulk on our imperfections and beat ourselves for being who we are. Each and everyone of us in this world was born with individual characteristics and talents that makes us Us and only US.

Mina may have struggled in math, but she is very good at linguistic skills. If she worked on strengthening her skill, she may become a great author, professor, or respected news anchor. But if she believes that she needs to master math to be like everyone else, she might lose out on the best path and the most suitable path that she would have taken. Besides, it will take much more time for her to master math. This means lots of wasted time that she could have used to accelerate herself in her linguistic skills. 

I think the key point to take here is we need to own our lives and decide on what is right for us. We should not let anyone else decide for us and let them tell us what is right for us. Likewise, we should not interfere with other people who are still unsure of which path they should take. We do not know better, and will not know better no matter how many years more experience that we have compared to them. They need to dig deep and figure out for it themselves.

Let us help each other to become the best version of ourselves. Let us not force our views to other people. But instead, let us all be supportive of others’ dreams and never look down on them. Then, we could all be the perfect bunch of successful imperfect people.


Cheers to the smooth journey to perfection