My name is Irene. I am an ordinary girl with extraordinary stories. I believe everyone comes with extraordinary stories. I want to break the spell that we are limited. Because we are not limited by anything, as long as we mean well and we live each and everyday with purpose and not harming anyone in the process.

I am an accountant who enjoy devouring myself with news and articles about home organisation, minimalist living and inspirational talks. The studies, trainings and time spent in Accounting had matured me and helped me to understand myself better. I think I was born to learn and practice creativity in my daily life. And so, with the support from my family and my partner, I finally took the chance to tap into the world of creativity and enrolled myself to the Interior Design and Decoration course.

I would like to write about my life, my relationships, and my challenges and progresses in my career towards my ‘purpose’ in this blog. I wish that I will be able to inspire myself and some people to never be afraid to answer our callings and to free ourselves from world’s expectations.

Thank you for giving me your support through this blog. And I wish you all a beautiful and joyous life.

To the happy us,

Irene Boen

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