The Old Lady who Ride a Harley and Owning Your Life

I was waiting for my turn to cross the small road in CBD Melbourne when I heard a loud noice of a Harley Davidson motorcycle approaching. when I look around to see if it is safe to cross, I saw the person who ride it gave me way to cross. And then I noticed that the person who ride the Harley is an old lady. She is one of the coolest lady I have ever seen in my life!

People says that when you get older you care less about other people's opinion and you are more courageous to follow your own instinct and standards. It surely is for this lady that I saw today. She is 'mature', a lady, and she rides a Harley. (Jesus!) I hope that we all can learn from this, and not to wait too long to start owning our life. We can be a cool young generation that the oldies will respect (and envy).

But how can we do it?

  1. Don't be scared to be yourself: I used to be so scared of being myself, mainly because I constantly need approvals from other people that I am doing the right thing. Living life that way is very tiring. I still am scared to make decision for myself, but I learnt to slowly letting go of this unreasonable fear and so should you.
  2. Start with getting wiser: find your own voice but at the same time allow yourself to listen to other people's opinion. Here being listening to people who have walked the path you are about to take. Opinions from people other than the the people I mentioned before might not be relevant to your decision making (They haven't been there done that). There is nothing wrong with being open to advices, and starts weighing what matters more to you and if the risks from our decisions is worth it. Owning our life starts from knowing and being prepared of whats to come.
  3. Find support group: find a good support group that brings positivity and constant courage. Ideally you can grow together and support each other in achieving goals in life. I found mine in family and cell group.
  4. Start doing and create a new daily habit: Research suggests that it takes 21 days to build a new habit, so we have to cautiously do new things that will get us closer to our goals for this period of time to make new habits. I am trying to exercise regularly to build healthy habits. I will come back with more blogs and update regarding this about to be new habits 😌
  5. Small rewards for small milestone. Changes, even when it is small, it will encourage us to go further. Choose small goals that lwada to bigger goals. It is less overwhelming to own our life this way.

LETS DO THIS! What will you be if you are not who you are now? and why not start today to become who you wanted to be. Don't wait any longer!

// Irene


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