Crafted In The Perfect Image of God


I have been watching many pottery videos lately. I find it soothing to see each rotation and pressure creates an object that is perfectly balanced in width, thickness and height. And I am always so amazed of how beautiful the end result be, not one of them will ever be the same as they were created each individually by the potter’s hands. There were no mold used, only steady pressures from the potter’s fingers and hands, balancing the whole clay as it is expanded and stretched to it’s maximum and most beautiful forms. Just like us, human, in order for us to be shaped in God’s perfect image, we are held in balance, our faith is stretched through what we feels as problems and things that is not going right according to our plan. But our vision is so small, we could not see what shape our creature want us  to be. And I really like the idea of God holding us in His balance (not ours), and that he will only put enough pressure that we could handle. God is our potter and he created us with such gracious and precise tensions.

There is however one thing that I do not particularly like when I was watching the pottery video. It is the part when even after being stretched and dried, what I believe was already beautiful shape is not yet perfect in the eyes of the potter. He then started to use tools to scrape off the surface of his works. As a person who does not like to waste resources, I really do not like this process. It is a waste of clay and besides the vase or pots are already beautiful the way it is. That was my thought before the potters started the smoothing process ( I am not sure if ‘smoothing’ is the correct term, but you get what I mean). But with time, observing the many clays that was slowly being scraped off, I could see a smooth surface that made the end result a perfect creation.

Looking  at it as my reflection topic of the week, just like me who are already happy with who I am, whatever surface or traits that I have, It seems that God works on me everyday to get rid of the imperfect surface that I have. It is uncomfortable, sometimes painful, because what I know as good and perfect is not in line with what God see as perfect. As the many traits that I believed was good enough was striped off me, the uncomfortable and pain will soon be healed, and be replaced with understanding of what is a real perfect in the eyes of God.

I believe that God is such a great potter, who knows just how much we could take to be the perfect creation that He desires us to be. It all starts with surrender and believe that in God’s hands, everything will be well.

Yet you, Lord, are our Father.
We are the clay, you are the potter;
we are all the work of your hand.

-Isaiah 64:8


Till next time





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