Blank Polaroids – The Case of Underexposure

blank polaroid.jpeg

For the past few months, I have been so hooked on posting picture on Instagram and also on stalking people with thousands of followers and likes on their photos. I even thought on making instagram as more than a hobby and making money from just posting photos (oh yea lady can dream). I started for a couple of days, and realised that I do not have that much photo to share at all.

Then it made me question about my life. What is it that I have that I can share to the world? Have I gone out trying new restaurants lately? Have I booked that flight that will bring me to the other side of the world where greens are greens, and where weather do not joke around with people’s outfit of the day? Have I gone out recently to just enjoy the cool breeze and the beautiful pavements? even an ordinary pavements if you keep on looking at it it will somehow look extraordinary and special and strange (try it!). Have I spent enough time with friends and family to have a genuine relationship? Have I exposed myself enough to the greatest and the most ordinary side and dimensions of the world?

Have you?

Maybe this is the reminder to myself, to go out there and to have better understanding of my own space and surroundings, to feel more, to start doing and to think less.

Let us go out more, read more, experience more. Extra photos are just the extra benefit.



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