The Journey to Perfection

Everybody wants to be perfect, but the one thing that makes us human is our imperfections. It says a lot about what life is about, it is our purpose in this life to:

1- Learn and keep on improving on ourselves to be the better version of ourselves each and everyday

2- Help each other to reach the best version of ourselves.

3- And maybe, we do not have to always focus on our shortcomings, but focusing on what we are good at and perfect it instead.

I would like to talk more about my third point. I believe it is always easier to spot our shortcomings than realising what our gifts and talents are.

“I am not bright enough”

“I am not slim enough”

“I am not good enough”

Just like the fish who were taught that s/he is stupid for not being able to climb a tree, it is very easy to then sulk on our imperfections and beat ourselves for being who we are. Each and everyone of us in this world was born with individual characteristics and talents that makes us Us and only US.

Mina may have struggled in math, but she is very good at linguistic skills. If she worked on strengthening her skill, she may become a great author, professor, or respected news anchor. But if she believes that she needs to master math to be like everyone else, she might lose out on the best path and the most suitable path that she would have taken. Besides, it will take much more time for her to master math. This means lots of wasted time that she could have used to accelerate herself in her linguistic skills. 

I think the key point to take here is we need to own our lives and decide on what is right for us. We should not let anyone else decide for us and let them tell us what is right for us. Likewise, we should not interfere with other people who are still unsure of which path they should take. We do not know better, and will not know better no matter how many years more experience that we have compared to them. They need to dig deep and figure out for it themselves.

Let us help each other to become the best version of ourselves. Let us not force our views to other people. But instead, let us all be supportive of others’ dreams and never look down on them. Then, we could all be the perfect bunch of successful imperfect people.


Cheers to the smooth journey to perfection






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