Are We (Dis)connecting?


I had my day off today, but scheduled to see my physiotherapist very early this morning. I have known him for years. He is in his forties and he picked up an interesting topic to talk about today during the appointment time. We talked about how technology makes us disconnected to our surrounding rather than connecting. I think this is something that everyone is aware off now. But what really strikes me today is when he talked about how generation nowadays constantly seek assurance from devices and other people. He was using the analogy of flat battery and how it makes us react. We would normally tell the party who we have appointment with that our battery is running low and we will see this person at X time at Y place. We know we will be there in time, but we would not be sure if the other party will appear. But if we are the person who are receiving the text, I know that I will make sure that i get there on time so my friend will not need to wait alone. As the younger generation who tasted both world before and after smart phones, this example happens around me all the time. My peers make appointment as 3pm-ish, rather than at 3pm and expecting to contact people around 3 to find whereabout other people are, and sometimes (not always), people don’t turn up and might cancel last minute.

On my way home, I thought about the conversation I had, where people are constantly distracted by phones while catching up with friends. What we forget was that not being in the moment with the people we physically spent time with is the same with disrespecting the other party. Because we did not respect the time that he/she has especially made to see us. We are all busy, only have 24 hours a day. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone respects each others effort to see each other and make the precious short moment worthwhile?

So my homework to take home today, is to be fully present in the moment, pay more attention to the people I share my time and space with, and absorb the moment that we share together get to know each other even deeper. Before long, we will reach the end of our lives, so let’s make our time in this world to be more meaningful to other people and to ourselves.

To be present, to listen and be heard, the missing compassion.





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