Why We Should Pick Up the Broken Pieces


Yesterday, on my way back from work to home, I walked pass a slab of white board lying in the middle of a quiet alley. The board looks new and I can see the wheels marks on it, showing how it has been ran over by a car. I could also spot a broken  pieces of corner of this board. But overall, the board is still in a huge slab with only tiny chipped corner. The board was not mine, nor I can be bothered to move the board so it could stand on the side of the road preventing it from being ran over again by other cars. So, I left the board where I saw it.

The next day, I walked passed the same alley and I could see that there were more wheels mark, and the board was broken into more smaller pieces.

This makes me think of what we could have done to ourselves in our daily life. We are all broken people. Some managed to pick up their pieces, safe it from more damaged, and even carved it into something more beautiful and creates strength, or what we called resilience. Some are not so strong nor prepared nor be bothered to pick up the pieces, and they become more and more broken, with no resolution.

Likewise in solving problems in our lives. We need to nip problems in the bud, when it is small and manageable. Leaving it might make things worse, harder to solve, or even create a more uncomfortable experience of life.

Those are the two lessons I learnt today, like a reminder to be more agile in life.


Could you relate to this story?






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