Even When It Hurts


Take this mountain weight
Take these ocean tears
Hold me through the trial
Come like hope again

Even when the fight seems lost
I’ll praise You
Even when it hurts like hell
I’ll praise You
Even when it makes no sense to sing
Louder then I’ll sing Your praise

– Even When It Hurts (Hillsong United)

I found this song when I was browsing for some worship song. The song shouts desperation and the will to keep believing and praising the Lord, even when we are at the bottom of our suffering, loneliness, uncertainties and the state where we can no longer do anything but to lift up our worries and life into His hand.

I was asked last night to let go of my life completely into His hand, to prepare myself that our plan may not be in line with His plan. Despite having encountering God in many ways in my life, I am scared. I am still scared. I am scared that I will have to leave all the expectations and hopes that I had for our future life.

I cried and I cried.

And I cried again today.

To be honest, it is not easy to trust in God completely. I am sure I am not the only one who is feeling this way. This song really hits right home at this very moment, and if any of you are feeling the same, let us pray together to lift up all our worries and praise Him.

Here is to keep reminding ourselves to keep on praying and praising.



Their Legacy of Prayer

Reflect On: Genesis 12:1-9

Praise God: For His sovereign ability to plan and control life and for having a distinct plan for your life. 

Offer Thanks: That God’s plan is for your good and His glory, no matter where He leads, and that He is always with you to guide and instruct you. 

Confess: Your unbelief in God’s goodness and ability to work on your behalf when you cannot understand your circumstances. 

Ask God: To give you the gift of faith that will allow you to trust Him and His word, and to give you a calm willingness to accept where He is leading when doubts arise. 

Listen: “Dear children, I have a great and wonderful plan for you — a plan that was established for you long before time began. Walk in My ways and follow My leading. I will be with you always.” 

Pray: Father of our lives and future, we know that You have a wonderful and specific plan for us. Whether that means ministering right here in our home or going to the ends of the earth, we want to trust and obey You. Help us to be faithful to Your call, no matter what fears or doubts arise. Strengthen us with Your truth so we may go forward in faith, even into the unknown, and accomplish what You have planned for the future. Amen. 

Excerpted with permission from Couples of the Bible by Robert and Bobbie Wolgemuth, copyright Robert D. Wolgemuth and Barbara J. Wolgemuth.

Taken from : http://www.faithgateway.com/god-plan-life/#.Vzm_NKvFfP5


love // irene




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