My First Scooter Experience!


It has been a couple of weeks since I last post a blog, and the reason was because I was away on the Anzac day weekend to have a mini getaway in Bali before I started my new job. I was so happy to be able spend some quality time with my partner 😀 my smile pretty much stretched from ear-to-ear everyday up until the night when we need to part. I will talk more about my mini getaway in another post, but in this post I’d love to share my experience being on a scooter and some handy tips if you are planning to do this in your next visit to Bali!!

I was actually quite skeptical and scared about being on one and ‘dibonceng’,meaning sitting on the passenger seat of the scooter. But since Alex used to ride motorcycle in his high school days, I trust that he will bring us to destination and back safely. Despite believing in him, I hugged him so tight like a koala hugging the tree for the first few minutes, as I felt super nervous about being among cars and other motorcycles on the road. My heart was racing! Thankfully I started feeling relax after feeling the breeze from the moving scooter, reminding me of how I felt when I was in a becak (tricycle). Have you ever been in a becak? if you haven’t, I strongly urge you to try it before this traditional vehicle is completely swept away from the streets in cities in Indonesia. I always enjoy traveling with becak every where when I live in Curup and Palembang, in Sumatra island.

My overall experience on the scooter were quite positive thanks to Alex’s safe riding. Renting scooter is cheap in Bali, and we get to experience being on the street, blending in with the natives. We spend Rp – 80.000 a day, or $5- $8 for our transport for the whole day (for both of us) and we can go to pretty much anywhere we want to go. The wind really helps to cool you down in hot days. Tips: We found that sometimes GPS is not entirely reliable and asking people on the street was a great help. So don’t be afraid to ask for direction when you are lost, I found Balinese are very kind and eager to help.

The only downside of scooter is that we had to inhale the polluted air and exposed to street dusts. We had to make a stop to get ourselves some eye drops because the polluted wind and dust is not a good friend of our eyes. I believe you can buy some masks to reduce the pollutant inhaled in the convenience stores around Bali.

Another tip: Bali is super hot and humid, any day and month, I would suggest to ride bike either early in the morning, or afternoon when the sun is less glaring. Also, always apply your sunscreen prior to stepping out the door and always reapply every 3-4 hours.

So yeah, I had a great time being on a moving scooter, and I am so happy that I get to experience Bali this way. This is me and Alex with our helmet on :). Remember, safety first!


Have you ever travelled with scooter/motorcycle in Bali?

love // irene





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