My Top 3 Inspiring Youtube Videos (as of April 2016) :)

top vid.jpg

I love listening and watching inspirational talks and videos and I have listed 3 of my most favourite (so far ) below:

  1. The Art of Being Yourself, I remember crying while listening to this talk. There is something so beautiful about being brave to be ourselves. This video has helped me to let go of the feelings that I need to fulfil other people’s expectations in my life, and to listen more of what I need, what I want and who I want to become. My job is to be better and better at being myself. 
  2. Draw Your Future, This video helps me to take my first BOLD three steps to where I want to be, a happier place. Very vague, but I have been feeling burnt out, and been having performance distress, emotionally tired and I need a change. I set a goal to get a new job, finish my Interior Designer course and to have a healthier lifestyle.
  3. I finally know Why Some of Us Don’t Have One Calling. I finally realised that it is ok to be interested in many things. I shall embrace the passion I had in many things, and keep on doing it because the world need me and my creativity. AMEN. 🙂

So, those are the three Ted Talks that encourages me to be brave to be myself, let go of other people’s expectation, and start listening to what I need.

Ask yourself today, ‘Am I happy? What makes me less happy? what can I do to change it?’

Writing it all down could help you step outside the box, and look at your life in different perspectives. You can then make a life changing move to make your life more fulfilled.

BTW, has any of you try bullet journalling? It is a way of organising all your days and things in one book and only one book. I just knew that there is such method and thinking to try it out.

May you all have a peaceful day // Irene 🙂





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