Be Nice to Your Body


4 years ago I started my fitness  journey, exercising at most 6 days a week, running and lifting weights, and joined fitness classes that bring my heart rate to a crazy pumping state. I injured myself, my shoulders, my neck, and my knee at different times during my journey to so called the ‘prefect size’. I tormented myself without realising the damage even after being warned by my body though the injuries. ‘Hi Irene, just to let you know that I am not happy that you put me into this journey. Sincerely yours, Body’

I know that injuries can be caused by wrong posture when executing exercise or simply not doing enough warm up. But I do think that there is a limit as to how far we should push ourselves. We may not see the damage now, but we might in the future if we are over exercising and under eating. Our body needs the nutrition to function. For women, you can even have irregular menstruation due to this, and may adverse impact your fertility.

My last injury was my ankle, that took me more than a year to heal. And even now, I can sometimes feel the pain when I try to jog. Of course, with this one year off from exercise, and the stress from work, I gained back all the weight that I worked so hard to loose for. I am back to zero.


I am glad to say that now I have re-started my journey with a healthier perspective. Let us be nice to our body. How should we do this?

  1. Eat healthy: and this means, more vegetables and proteins, less sugary food. Be conscious of what you put in your mouth so that it can nourish you from within. Are you having to much coffee in a day? Do you eat your breakfast? Are you allergic of any kind of food? I started to drink 2 cups of water in the morning, and reduce carbs by adding more veggies to one of my meal everyday. I have 2 cheat days though. On these 2 days I am free to eat whatever I want in moderation. When it comes to our body, I believe that we are the only experts.
  2. Exercise healthy: Listen to your body. We heard so many quotes saying that we have to keep on pushing ourselves. But, giving our body the time to rest and relax is important too. I now know that my body prefers gentle exercise. So I started doing just walking, and some relaxing pilates for 30 minutes a day. If doing this can mean that I can keep on exercising, then I think it is a great start. So, be aware of what your body is trying to tell you and continue or change your exercise routine accordingly. Can you do your current exercise routine for the rest of your life? Fitness is a journey, not a destination. My current favourite exercise video is from Jenny Mustard, she is not a fitness instructor but I found this video very relaxing and makes me want to do it over and over again! This never happen to me as I got bored easily, so I really think that I need to share this with you all. 30 Mins Relaxing Pilates link here.
  3. To think healthy:  Stop comparing yourself with anyone else. I finally accepted that I was not born slim like a model, and I learn to embrace my curves. Despite still having that ‘Oh, Irene you’re so fat yeah?!’ came and pop up in my head occasionally (talking about childhood bad experience caused by pretty much all the mothers in your neighbourhood), I now learnt to compare myself with my yesterday-self, rather than the … (insert that slim and beautiful women in Instagram)
  4. To sleep more: oh dear… it definitely is not an easy task for me to sleep more. But please make the effort to. Put away all electronic devices, and put on some relaxing songs or listen to hypnotist video in youtube (it works amazingly well with me). I woke up really fresh when I listened to this video. Don’t let the title scares you, as I use this to mainly help me sleep 🙂


So, please be nice to your body, and your body will thank you. You will start loosing inches without much effort and your mind will feel healthier too! What a plus. 🙂

What did you do to make your body happy? Do you know other pilates videos that is relaxing and help you to exercise everyday?


Love // Irene




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