How to Declutter your Thought and Maximise Productivity


If you are someone like me, who has thousands of other things in your head while doing a task. I think this article might be able to help you to reorganize your thoughts. So let’s start!

Having many thoughts can be a double edge sword to our productivity:

GOOD: any ideas in our head can be a great idea. We just need to cultivate them

BAD: These ideas affects how you focus on your current task.

So, don’t stop the ideas that is flowing in your head. But instead POOL it and then set  a quiet time to analyse your train of thoughts and ideas. By doing this you will take your minds off the thoughts and ideas (for now), focus 100% on your current task, and then get back to your thoughts and ideas at the ‘designated’ time.

How to do this:

1-      Write down all your thoughts and ideas that is not related to your current task in a small piece of paper.  (use blue pen)

2-      When you have a quiet time, read all these thoughts and ideas and slowly rationalise/answer it one by one and write it down in the same piece of paper. (use pen with different colour). If you don’t know the answer to some things just leave it as it is. Cross out the thoughts that has been answered.

3-      Collect your thoughts after a week. And have a quick read of what has been going through your mind in a week, what thoughts or ideas that keeps on popping up and needs to be addressed (like the things that you procrastinate). And if these are the things that I cant do anything about. This should be in your  Delete basket . Summarize into few lines of Things you need to do for the next week

4-      Schedule to do the things you need to do in your next week organizer. Or else it will always stays in your train of thoughts and become a burden for your days and weeks.

5-      Repeat when the new week starts

This has helped me reorganize my thoughts and delete the ‘clutters’ in my head. Please have a try and let me know what you think

Do you have other ideas to maximise or declutter/ reorganize your thoughts?


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