Happy 2016

Yet another year has passed and we are now in the new year with the new hope and resolutions.

How many do you have on your list? And how are you going to achieve it all?


To be honest, 2015 felt like a very short year to me. I finished my CPA studies at the end of 2014 and ever since then, I was swamped with the new work in public accounting firm and volunteer commitments. I had injury on my ankle last year that greatly affected my gym routine – I have gained all the weight I lost in 2 years within 8 months, and I have not started my design course yet. I told myself that I need to finish my CPA by the end of 2014 no matter what because I want to start my design study in 2015. So… I pretty much tossed my resolutions away within few months into 2015. On the other note though, I was blessed with a very loving partner who supported me all the way throughout the year, I have taken a drawing course, and I have started this blog, which I hope will have more regular and happy content by me this year.


This year I want to make a change:

So to make sure that I don’t just toss it away after few months, I made a shorter list of resolutions but filled with all the important things that I have to definitely prioritise this year. This resolutions screams ‘Don’t be scared or lazy, BE BRAVE, AND GO GET WHAT YOU WANT’.  This includes getting a new job, work hard for savings to achieve this year, and to get to know of myself better e.g what to do to start career change. Everyone around me knows I enjoy my knitting, baking and drawing more than reading financial papers.



This art work is by Jon Klassen’s gallery . a reminder to plan ahead and don’t get distracted with noises along our journey.




As a good start, I cut back on volunteer to only helping the church with their accounts. So I dropped volunteering in bookkeeping for Tomorrow Foundation.

With the help of many supportive youth member, we will be starting Youth mass once a month in Sacred heart Church Preston. And with this, I hope we could reach many more young people within and outside the church.

It is my wish to be able to find someone to lead the group when I will be stepping back next year. Please pray for us. And If you live around Preston, Victoria, and looking for a community that will support each other, please come and have a chat with one of us at Sacred Heart Preston. Everyone is welcomed in our church.

And with the grace of the Lord, I pray that me and my partner will be able to withstand anything that comes between us this year. Being in a long distance relationship, it takes more effort to make things works and that means sacrifices. I will talk more about our relationship this year, and may those who are in a long distance relationship will find support.

Also, I will be posting some more blogs soon, alternating Zen and other topics blogs.


Remember to breathe //



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