When You Shouldn’t Say Yes Too Early?

There are many occasions when I felt that I should not have said ‘yes’ too early. That includes taking responsibilities that I am not sure I will be able to handle well. From taking over charity accounts to looking after Church’s financials, I am definitely not ready with how much commitment it requires me to put into fulfilling the job. And in many occasion I felt that I need to give up the job because I feel that other people will be able to do it better.

Being taught and grew up to believe that I should not quit on things that I have started, I keep on going, even though that means I have less time on doing my own projects. The pros are I was exposed to learn new things in accounting and finance, the cons are I do not have enough time to do baking and design.

Looking at the positive sides, helping charities and not-for-profit organisation is part of my ministry. I just wished that I could do things better and in more efficient manner so I have more time to do my own projects. Thanking the universe for this opportunity to reflect upon things that I could do better.

‘Be thankful of what you have, and you will be given more’


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