Beep Beep Boop – loading..

Have you ever thought of the time wasted waiting for some things to load on the internet, for an application to open in your phone, for call to connect on Skype, for text or email to be sent out?

My patience has been tested over and over again because my old phone has been responding really slow lately. And with my bad habit of multitasking, this waiting time makes me wonder of other things that I can do, and I ended up doing something else because I was so distracted while waiting. Have you ever experience these before? (being unable to focus due to the waiting time we had to endure to get to where we need to be?)

Apart from noting to start searching for better phone to replace my current iPhone 4S, this realisation also reminds me to be more patient, and let the thoughts to wonder less while waiting to help me focus.

Or should I count my breath while waiting? Do you think that will help?


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