Drinking Soy Can Make You Emotional

The true fact I learnt today, backed by scientific evidence that consuming soy increases estrogen level in our body.

I have been feeling more emotional than usual this week, many things that my colleagues do easily annoys me, I feel upset over little things, and I have been wanting to binge more often too!

Don’t you think the above sounds much like the infamous PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)? My partner picked up my overly sensitive attitude and asked if it was that time of the month. I was not and I thought, probably it is the midcycle hormones changes (if there is such thing). I didn’t think of the effect of soy milk until this morning when I had to open new soy milk carton. And, TENG! The light bulb moment is here! I then realised I have been having soy milk for the past week, and did not realise how much it affected my body and minds. I am not claiming that soy milk is entirely bad for our body, but probably I need to control how much soy I can drink per week, especially in my coffee.

Have you ever experience being super sensitive and emotional from drinking soy milk like I do?


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